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We've been working for years to perfect our web-based scanner and now without any downloads and your favorite Desktop, Tablet, or [modern] Mobile browser, you can scan your little furry friend in the palm of your hands in seconds, without any installation of App's (Yes, seriously)!
Acurrate Scans, is OUR GOAL!

As our detections are usually 97.31211% accurate, many factors can cause false positives or false negatives. Image quality, lighting, upload speed, and other factors could determine how accurate your results may be. This is why we can't stress enough that at NO TIME shall the results of your scans ever be treated as a diagnosis or even prognosis.

Results are an attempt at examining the condition and providing a potential warning sign that may serve you by proposing a physician visit may be a good idea. We do recommend if you must question if you should scan in the first place, this may be a good sign to make an appointment.
Where is the Acne, Melanoma, & other Scans?

We're thrilled you've asked! Currently, we've taken our human scans offline and will re-launch them publicly again in late Q1/E.Q2.

If you're looking to offer these scans for your product website, application, labratory, or any other reason, you're always welcome to reach out and we can assist you in the process of accessing said scans.
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